Four of you on the road in a camper - but there's actually no room for the kids. Or the other way around: Two on the road in a van - and once again someone hits their head on the ceiling. And when you get into bed, it's too short anyway, as usual. Annoying? Yes. Can anything be done about it? Also yes. You can make a pop-up roof.
It can be set up either in the front or in the back, giving you two additional, spacious sleeping spaces. When the sleeping area is not needed, the mattress is simply folded upwards, allowing you to stand comfortably in the camper. When closed, the pop-up roof is only a few centimeters high - which means that the overall height of the vehicle is usually less than two meters, making it still suitable for parking garages. And best of all, pop-up roofs from SCA are available for almost every type of vehicle.

What is SCA?
Since 1987, the company C.F. Maier has been producing motorhome roofs under the SCA brand - and can accordingly draw on over thirty years of experience. SCA manufactures roofs for many large and small vehicle manufacturers and counts around 130 motorhome manufacturers [internal link] throughout Europe among its customers. SCA can therefore be considered the market leader in pop-up roofs.

How are pop-up roofs manufactured?
SCA uses two different manufacturing processes. The modern vacuum expansion process (VEX for short) combines glass fiber reinforcement with foamed polyester resins as a sandwich construction. The process provides an exceptionally high surface quality - both on the outside and inside. Wiring or furniture anchors are embedded in the foam core of the roof shell so that they are not otherwise visible. In addition, the show core has an insulating effect. The roof shells are characterized by a remarkably low weight combined with high load-bearing capacity.  

More rarely, SCA also uses the hand laminate process. This manufacturing method is a process that is not automated, but rather handcrafted. In this process, glass fiber mats are impregnated with plastic resin and then rolled by hand in several layers into a structural shape. This process is particularly suitable for custom-made products in small quantities.

What do the roof shells look like?
Roof shells produced by the VEX process do not need to be reworked. While the smooth surface matches the vehicle perfectly on the outside, it does not look very homely on the inside. That's why the roofs are lined with soft crumpled velour to provide a cozy sleeping atmosphere - and also optimize sound and heat insulation. The thickness of the roof shells is usually 2.2 centimeters. For optimum aerodynamics, all roofs also have an integrated spoiler. 

In which colors are pop-up roofs available?
In the VEX process, a hard coat of paint, the gelcoat, is sprayed directly into the structural mold, so that the subsequent color is already created during production of the roof shell. The standard color is white. If this is desired, no subsequent painting is necessary. However, anyone who wants to set a clear accent with the coloring or who wants to match the exact color tone of their vehicle need not be disappointed: The gelcoat can be painted without any problems, so SCA offers roofs in every conceivable color, whether cherry red, cornflower blue or teal green.

What are the fabric bellows and windows made of?
In the standard version, the fabric bellows are made of cotton. The high-quality fabric is flame retardant and breathable. Three windows provide pleasant lighting and view during the day. At night they can be darkened. One window offers an insert made of clear plastic, the other two are equipped with fly screens. The front-facing window can even be opened completely. Optionally, some roofs can also be fitted with a panoramic fabric bellows, which offers a completely unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape at the front. When the roof shell is closed, a practical folding mechanism automatically pulls the fabric bellows inward so that it cannot become trapped between the body and the roof.

How does it sleep in the pop-up roof?
The sleeping area is spacious. How much space is left at the top depends on the height of the pop-up stays. These are available in different versions, from about 10 to 45 centimeters high. The lying surface can consist either of a lying board or (for more sensitive backs) a slatted frame with disc springs. The mattresses are basically made of high-quality foam and are between three and six centimeters thick. Included is a light gray cover, which can be removed and washed. The cover that closes the passage is optional. If it is desired, there are roof models with cover made of plastic, imitation leather or as an aluminum board.

What closure options are available?
SCA pop-up roofs have five possible locking options: SCA-Lock, South-Co, central lock, rotary latch lock and belt lock. With the belt lock, the roof can be locked by means of belts on the B-pillar of the vehicle. The more convenient option is an easy-to-use rotary latch lock. On some roofs, this functions as a central lock. Many roofs have rotary locks from the manufacturer South-Co. With these, an integrated safety strap ensures optimal locking of the roof. The latest roofs are equipped with SCA-Lock fasteners, which were specially developed by SCA. In addition to easy handling, these offer a high level of safety. 

Can a pop-up roof be retrofitted?
Private customers can retrofit their camper or van with a pop-up roof at any time via the SCA service workshop. The SCA range includes the right roof for many vehicle types, whether VW, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, Nissan or Toyota [link all individually internally, roof search: car brands]. Within just one or two days, the SCA fitter or the SCA service workshop [internal link] installs the roof of your choice and the vacationers can enjoy a second floor, more space, lots of light and the best view.

And what else?
Do I get a shower when I drive to the car wash [internal link Ask the inspector] with the pop-up roof? - No! Your pop-up roof gets clean in the car wash - but you don't.
Will I be struck by lightning during a thunderstorm [internal link Ask the inspector about thunderstorms] in a vehicle with a pop-up roof? - No! If you close the pop-up roof, you're as safe as in any other car. 
Can I attach a roof rack [Internal link Shop] to the pop-up roof? - Yes! And you can even drive it against walls without breaking it. For this we have done a city crash test at the TÜV.
Help, I have broken the roof! - Admittedly annoying, but in most cases the repair [internal link] is no problem. In our store [internal link] you can also find spare parts [internal link]. 
Can I install my roof myself? - No. It is not forbidden, but such a modification is a considerable intervention in the statics of the vehicle and should be done by a team of experts. Then, in the end, the TÜV will also agree with the result.