SCA expansion partner

From Germany to Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, England or Poland - throughout Europe, our SCA conversion partners install pop-up roofs and high roofs on every van. Find the right motorhome conversion in your region and look forward to your van with an SCA roof.



SCA workshop partners

Our SCA workshop partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer service for all roof types - regardless of where you bought your roof. Of course, all repairs are covered by warranty. Simply drive to the nearest workshop and your roof will quickly be made fit again for your vacation.



SCA Service

In our SCA service workshop in Königsbronn, your van will be given a facelift. Regardless of whether it's a pop-up roof or a high roof - we'll install the roof of your choice. And if you wish, we can also install windows, bogies, solar panels, batteries or auxiliary heating. We are looking forward to your visit!