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Five steps to a pop-up roof
Five steps to a pop-up roof
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Quality and innovation for your mobile home

Discover the world of SCA, where advanced technology meets comfortable travel. Our high-quality pop-up roofs and complementary SCA products are specifically designed to optimize your vanlife experience. Browse through our diverse range and find the ideal products to make your travels safer and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting your journey, you’ll find the support you need at SCA.

Retrofitting pop-up roofs

You already own a vehicle and want to customize it for your adventures? No problem! At SCA, we offer the option of retrofitting pop-up roofs. With our professional retrofitting, you can customize your van and create more space and comfort for your travels. Your pop-up roof not only creates space with two additional sleeping berths, it also provides standing height in your van. In addition to the roof installation, our SCA Service workshop also offers a number of other options such as the installation of new windows or a comprehensive electrical set.

Find your perfect roof now! Select the equipment, choose the right accessories and start your adventure!